Revolution Lightboards is proud to be the leading provider of lightboards around the world. What makes us stand out versus any other lightboard or learning glass solutions?

Design, Manufacturing and Cost

All of our lightboards are designed, manufactured, and shipped from our facility in Eastern Iowa. Our products are engineered and built as a fully integrated, commercial lightboard solution. Competitors have pieced together systems using off-the-shelf components. You'll notice parts of their product even drop ships from a generic supplier!

Owning the manufacturing process allows us to maintain a tight control on quality to produce the best lightboards possible. Our production volume allows cost efficiencies that are passed along to the customer. We've seen others using off the shelf components in their lightboards or learning glass solutions yet add an excessive markup. Don't pay more for inferior equipment.

Ease of Setup

Our lightboards arrive to you in a single shipment from our facility to your door.

All 95" and 82" lightboards, as well as 66" lightboards when purchased as part of a studio package, are pre-assembled in 2 sections for setup in under 10 minutes.

Our other lightboards are designed for easy self-assembly with with machine screws; no measuring, drilling, or wood screws required. 

All of our height adjustable lightboards have brackets for mounting all equipment and power supplies to the bottom of the desktop. The integrated lightboard system is thoughtfully contained leaving the work area clean and organized. A single cord powers the whole system. 

Staff and Support

Our staff is dedicated to providing a smooth customer experience. We enjoy sharing our technical expertise and coaching customers before, during, and after a lightboard purchase. We have many technical resources available on our website and, if you still have questions, we are only a phone call away.

We're here to help as needed to ensure you launch successfully. We can help with studio layout planning, equipment selection, production workflow, and much more!

Quality Components

We are the only lightboard company to polish lightboard glass to remove tempering haze and scratches that are a normal part of the glass manufacturing process. You can read more about our polishing process including actual before and after pictures within our resource section.

We offer a fully integrated lightboard system; all connections are made with machine screws and bolts. We'd never design parts for the user to measure out and "assemble" using wood screws or adhesive tapes!

Our heavy duty perimeter framing is sturdy and durable, whereas other lightboards have used flimsy, off the shelf trim and double-sided tape in their construction.

Additional gear-lights, tablet mounts, shelves, etc can be mounted to the perimeter of a Revolution Lightboard to give you the freedom to customize your configuration.