Premium Video Recording Studios

Revolution offers the most comprehensive self-service video recording studios in the world. For a completely turnkey solution, we offer professional installation services which finish with a full demonstration of the studio in operation. This is the most all-inclusive, guaranteed and hands-off way to add a high quality video production studio. This allows you to remain focused creating engaging content.

Our Responsibility:

  • Complete professional installation of Revolution products.
  • Studio operation review and walk-through upon completion of install.
  • Answer any questions that studio champions may have, in person.


    Your responsibility:

    • Confirm dimensions, details, and provide pictures of each room where a studio will be installed.
    • Electrical outlet to power studio equipment. (A single 120V outlet in US and Canada, else a single 240V outlet)
    • Provide a 6’ step ladder for duration of installation.
    • Contact information for maintenance personnel for any facilities questions if needed.
    • Dumpster or recycling bins available to dispose of packaging materials.

      How much will it cost?

      Install rates start at $1,990 - Contact us for a quote based on your location and scope of work! 


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      Questions? Please contact us.