Enhance Team Meetings

Conduct distant meetings with more than hand-waiving or turning away from your audience to write on a whiteboard in the back of the room. Face-to-face interaction with the immediacy and engagement of hand-written figures and notes draws distant conversations close.

The lightboard provides an engaging canvas to visually structure and support live discussion and keep visible-to-everyone notes as the conversation evolves. Revolution Lightboards have been used by corporations and consultants to conduct a wide range of typical business discussions and live interactions - all without the expense, time and challenges of traveling. Whether you are working remote or aren't able to travel, this format helps bridge the gap to keep business moving.

Engage to Reinforce

John Costigan differentiates himself from his competition and his brand in a competitive industry by using a lightboard studio during his live conferences. He trains and inspires sales teams across the globe, with live, in-person seminars.

Once the events are over, John stresses the importance of reinforcement of the concepts he introduced. To John, keeping these reinforcement sessions engaging and relevant is of utmost importance. Paired with his high energy and storytelling, the lightboard helps him to make eye-contact with his viewers while he creates a road map to success from the tip of his marker.

John Costigan elaborates further below, in a message to our founder and president, Kevin. He talks about his top 3 reasons why he loves the Revolution Lightboard: reinforcement, Costigan Training University, and sales calls.

(Sales Trainer, John Costigan)

Sales & Consultation Calls

The lightboard approach allows you to interact from afar but still provides many of the benefits of in-person human interactions conveying messages not only in writing, but with the body language, gestures and personality that people engage with. This connection is incredibly important in the sales process.

We consistently hear great feedback from live users and their customers. In fact this format speaks for itself so well that many of these conversations have turned far-end clients into our customers as well.