Reach the Modern Student

Distance and online learning provide the modern student with more flexibility than ever before. While the student can learn just about anything from anywhere, some presentation formats can be impersonal. That's where the lightboard comes in.

Rather than creating talking head, screen share, or whiteboard-based videos with the presenter turning their back towards the viewers, use a lightboard to face your audience, write notes, and overlay other important supporting materials. Live stream or record for ongoing use.

Textbook publishers have discovered the effectiveness and engagement a lightboard brings to its content. One John C. Wiley textbook includes over 140 homework assistance videos using a lightboard!

(Nasser Yari PhD, PE)

Online Tutoring

Access to 1-on-1 help on a challenging subject can change the course of a student’s academic career. There is a large demand for tutoring at hours that are convenient for students and from the comfort of their home. With the demand being so large, there are a number of educators able to take their talents and skills online to provide critical private tutoring across all subject fields, including ACT and SAT test preparation.

Keeping a student engaged in the content being presented is hard enough in person, let alone at a distance. The brilliance of writing on a lightboard in front of the presenter is naturally enticing. Combining that with overlaid images and high energy of the presenter makes for a presentation worth paying attention to!

(Mike Flynn from Engenius Learning)