What is a Lightboard?

A lightboard is a transparent whiteboard made for video creation. The lightboard is made of glass with internal lighting to make writing glow. A lightboard allows a presenter to write and draw while maintaining eye contact to deliver their message in a natural and engaging way. Video is filmed through the glass and mirrored so the orientation appears correct to the viewer. Lightboard presentations can be done live or recorded.


Lightboards are sometimes referred to by different names including transparent whiteboard, forward board, learning glass, glassboard. 

Lightboards use an ultra-clear, low iron glass to achieve the highest optical clarity to illuminate writing. Using the correct marker is important. With a lightboard studio, you can communicate in real-time by live streaming, to have a dialogue with a distant audience. A self-service or one button studio allows users to record their presentations in a self-service, user-friendly way. Digital images or video can be overlayed in real-time to enhance presentations. Lightboards are used extensively for Lectures & Lessons, Corporate Training, Content Marketing, Live Conferencing, and Online Learning.

See our resource to learn what you need to create a lightboard studio.