Using a Smartphone or Tablet to Film Lightboard Videos

High-end cameras and special A/V equipment allow you to do some amazing things with a lightboard, but one of the simplest ways to begin creating content is by using a tablet or smartphone. Default camera apps lack certain features that will make filming easier, so one of our favorite apps available for iOS and Android is FiLMiC Pro. The benefit of these features is often limited to using rear-facing cameras.

FiLMiC Pro has become quite popular among smartphone videographers because it packs powerful features in an easy-to-use interface. For those wanting simple point-and-shoot video, the advanced features can stay in the background to not distract. More advanced users will find a multitude of features that allow you to take greater manual control of your filming. Regardless of which type of user you are, there are three primary features of the app that are beneficial for filming videos with your lightboard.

Image Flipping

One of the more common questions we hear about lightboards is, "won't everything be backward?" Without flipping the image, the answer would be yes, but there are a few ways to address this. While some use an inline hardware switcher and others make the update in post-production, FiLMiC Pro has a built-in feature that allows you to easily flip the image. Access through Settings then Hardware, then Horizontal Image Flip. Note-when using a front facing camera, the image is always displayed as a mirror image of how it is recorded. If using your device as a confidence monitor, you may find it best to record the lecture without flipping to retain the desired preview on your screen. The image can then be flipped with video editing software.

Lightboard Flip Image

Exposure Adjustment

-This feature is often available for rear-facing but not front facing cameras. 

Manual exposure adjustment is made easy in FiLMiC Pro. Using "arc sliders," you can control both the focus and exposure of your device's camera, making it easy to drop out any unwanted smudges on the glass and to provide a crisp dark background behind the presenter. Access by pressing the manual control icon in the lower left corner or swipe in from the left and right.

Filmic Pro Adjust Exposure

Frame Rate and Resolution Control

-This feature is often available for rear-facing but not front facing cameras. 

FiLMiC Pro also allows you to control the quality and frame rate of your video. You can film 4K video with a variety of different devices, which you often cannot control in many device's default camera app.

Filmic Pro Video Quality


You can find FiLMiC Pro in the App Store for iOS devices and in the Google Play store for Android. At $15.99, it's a reasonable investment and a great way to add more robust camera features to your tablet or smartphone.