How to Prime Lightboard Markers

In all of our Revolution Lightboards studio packages, we include fluorescent ink dry erase markers. These markers are a key part of what makes the lightboard an immersive, eye-catching tool. When the fluorescent ink in these markers are illuminated by the lightboard’s edge lights, they pop with bright intensity.

While some brands of fluorescent ink markers are ready to use right out of the box, others require them to be primed before use on the lightboard, including Quartet markers that we include in our lightboard packages.

To prime the marker, first give the marker a few quick shakes.

Remove the marker cap and press the dry marker tip firmly onto the lightboard glass, causing the tip to indent into the body of the marker. Making repeated motions, press and unpress the marker tip multiple times. In 10-30 seconds, you’ll begin to see ink flowing into the tip of the marker, ready for use.

If at any time during normal lightboard use you find that the marker is producing faint markings, repeating the priming process can increase the intensity of the ink flow. 

When you’re done using your board, it is important to store markers properly to extend their lifespan.  Always put the cap on tightly and store them on their side or with the marker tip facing downwards. This will keep the tip saturated with ink, even when not in use. 

While some brands require this priming process, others do not. If the marker tip is saturated when you open the packaging, the marker does not require a priming process. One brand that does not require priming is Expo Neon, which we also include as a standard item in our lightboard packages.