Case Study: John Costigan

We enjoy seeing lightboards used in many different applications, both in and out of the classroom. One of our customers, John Costigan, is a leading sales trainer that’s worked with some of the largest companies from around the world. In this post, we wanted to share a little bit more about what he does and how he uses his lightboard.

The Challenge

If you watch John’s training content, you can quickly tell that he has the ability to immediately create a strong connection and command the attention of an audience. While he was already highly successful, he was looking for a way to differentiate himself and his brand. He wanted another way to stand out amidst the competition and be memorable to people who see his content.

Why a Lightboard from Revolution?

It’s Memorable:
When he’s conducting a training session, sometimes people say, “wow, how did you learn how to write backward?” While it may look like John’s left-handed, he’s not. He’s right-handed, and the lightboard mirrors that. It’s a small detail that makes the presentations more memorable and intriguing.

It’s Personable:
The lightboard also allows John to always stay facing his audience. He’s laser-focused on the customer as a sales trainer, so it only makes sense that he would stay focused on who he’s talking to.

It’s Straightforward:
John’s lightboard studio is turnkey. He has one at the office and also at his home. Whenever he has an idea, all he has to do is go into the studio and record.

It’s High Quality:
While you can buy the components for a lightboard any number of places, this one has a variety of bells and whistles, including the quality lighting

We appreciate John and all of our loyal partners! Here’s a bit more about what he has to say:

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